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Trove Megalithic Update Launch Trailer

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The wait almost reaches its end: the Megalithic Update roars into Trove on June 27th!

"Summon deadly dinosaurs with the new Dino Tamer class, explore the new Jurassic Jungle biome, play exciting new minigames, collect new mounts, pets, and styles, and much, much more!"

Prepare to go prehistoric on Xbox One and Playstation 4 with this Tyrannosaurus-sized update to Trove, the free-to-play, voxel-based action MMO. The Megalithic is coming on June 27th, 2017.

Save 50% On Pinatas For Plentiful Pinata Parties In Trove

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Trove is holding plentiful pinata party and offering massive 50% off price for Pinata!The special offer is valid until June 27th.


To celebrate the Pinatas, players who play on consoles can get a 50% off for Winter Pinatas this week while PC players will save 50% for Spring Pinatas.

In short, Trove provides players a chance to store Pinatas as much as possible before Megalithic Update release.

Trove - Overview

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The world seems bland and you dream to give free rein to your cravings for discovery and creation? Do not wait anymore, Trion Worlds offers you today an experience capable of satisfying you. So take your shovel and your sword as the adventure only awaits you. Trove, since that is his name, is a MMO that will propose you to embody an adventurer in search of glory. And although the game is still only at its beginnings, this does not prevent it from being already very complete. Yes, Trove, a more or less direct descendant of the Minecraft family, has much more than just cubes and picks to offer.


Graphically, aestheticism does not deceive. Directly inspired by minimalist pixel mode, the title directly announces the color. But be aware that this simplistic graphic aspect has its usefulness. Indeed, the simple worlds of aspect are going to be entirely customizable, the graphics therefore put themselves directly at the service of the gameplay and the creativity.

The latest addition to Trion Worlds will offer you numerous possibilities, both in terms of exploration and manufacturing. So we find ourselves here with a title capable of offering you a rich and varied experience mixing skillfully adventure, exploration and creation.

Your cubic adventure begins in a central world, a real hub for the different territories of the game to explore. What may surprise at first is that there is no phase of character creation. Indeed, you will just have the right to choose your starting class. The title will still pay the luxury of offering you no less than 11 different classes. All of them have a specific game style, allowing you to explore every facet of the gameplay offered by Trove. Know that you will be able to change class during your adventures to find the one that suits you best. And although the fact of not being able to create his character as it is heard at the beginning may seem frustrating at first, know that this serves a very specific goal: personalization. Trove is a sandbox adventure game where you will be able to create all kinds of objects, weapons and armor, which will allow you to customize your avatar to excess.

From then on, different worlds are offered to you. Adapted to different levels of your character, the latter give the possibility to explore different external universes but also to traverse dungeons and territories. Going for adventure allows you to gain experience but also building materials. And it is precisely here that Trove stands out strongly from its elders. Indeed, the side adventure and exploration has been put forward and we end up with a title that will make you live great adventures alone or in a team. Numerous dungeons, more or less large, are distributed throughout the world, each with its own objectives and quests. Think of bringing friends with you. Homogeneous groups are able to decimate large hordes of enemies and it falls well because the dungeons offer a challenge full bodied with the boss at the key. However, once this big monster is defeated, you have the right to open the coveted treasure chest, which offers you equipment and materials.

Because, like any good self-respecting MMO, social interaction is very important. You even have the opportunity to create a club where you can invite your friends. This club offers members a world to allow to meet but above all to build everything that your imagination will command you, a real treat.

Hence, great possibilities of construction open to all. By using the various forges available in your home, you will have the leisure to build a whole bunch of elements. This house, which you can take with you in the different worlds, will also evolve. Your only limit here will be your imagination and the materials put at your disposal. Because yes, everything will not be accessible at first, and you will have to explore the different worlds to find new materials.

In terms of constructions, therefore, many things are achievable. From the simple block of color through the workshops to the frames and different portal. Everything has been designed so that the Sandbox experience is long and interesting. There you discover an important facet of the game, where you will have to go hunting for ingredients if you want to create and advance equipment and characters.

In the end, we find ourselves with a title much more varied and pleasant than it seems. Past the first levels that serve mainly as a tutorial, the game gains in depth and you will spend many hours exploring dungeons and wild lands in search of the ingredients needed to perfect your little world. You will understand, an infinity of things can be created and reshaped. From simple blocks to different frames and pieces of equipment, everything is made for the LEGO experience to be pleasant and thorough. Trove the game that will awaken the curious and creative adventurer that lies dormant in you. If you need flux while playing in Trove, you can buy cheap Trove flux on U4GM.

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