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Trove Concentrates More On Combat And Questing Than Minecraft

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Trove is a free-to-play multiplayer game where you set off on adventures as any one of 14 unique classes. Featuring a massive world and creation tools, players are able to interact with the colorful environment in meaningful ways, including building structures and crafting items. Along the way they can collect and customize their character using weapons, costumes, hats, mounts, and much more.


To some it would be easy to dismiss Trove as "just another Minecraft clone", but to do so would fail to appreciate the unique approach Trion Worlds have taken in their own personal take on the voxel-based sandbox genre.

Unlike Minecraft, Trove concentrates more on combat and questing than the distinct world building focus of the former. Utilising a range of unlockable character classes, each with their own particular skills and abilities, gives Trove a distinctly more MMO feel.

These classes are purchasable through in-game currency and once unlocked allow the player to change between classes on the fly, allowing for a much more flexible approach to how you tackle each area or quest.

These characters all fall under melee, ranged or magic based attacks, and with a dozen classes to choose from there will always be one that fits your particular playstyle, whether it be the Knight or Lunar Lancer getting up close and personal, the Gun Slinger or Shadow Hunter taking out your enemies from afar before they have a chance to get close, or the Ice Sage or Tomb Raiser throwing massive Ice Crystals or summoning minions respectively to slow and distract your enemies while you whittle down their health with your basic attacks.

Trove invites players into a universe of endless possibilities where action-adventure, role-playing and crafting collide. There are more than a dozen character classes to choose from. Battle against others, explore, craft and create. You

The Latest Trove Hotfix - May 23

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It's time for Trove to release new hotfix again! In this hotfix, Trove have fixed particles issues and the mastery totals feature.



Fixed several crashes related to particles.

Items that have been removed from the game no longer contribute to mastery totals. Currently, any players that collected those items have a higher total mastery than players who didn't, and those who didn't have no way of ever catching up. To level the playing field, these removed items no longer contribute towards mastery totals.

  • As an example, consider Player A and B who each collected the same recipe at different times.
  • When Player A collected the recipe a data error made it grant 2 recipes, so Player A got 4 mastery for it (and kept that 4 mastery).
  • Player B collected the recipe after the data was corrected, so Player B got 2 mastery for it.
  • After this fix is live, both Players A and B will get 2 mastery for the same recipe.

Avoid Being Cheated When Buy Trove Items In U4GM Store

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For Trove players, at the end of the summer holiday, more Trove promotions is coming! To make you have a nice day in new semester, U4GM is going to hold a crazy party for all Trove players, and it will start with 2% discount code to buy Trove flux or items in limited time.


Based on the customer support stats, there are over thousands of bots banned across both the main and Trove game as of May. All these account bans are attributed to bug abuse, macro use or hijacks. Some of bans can be removed, but some are permanent. So a reliable site to purchase Trove flux and items are of importance.

Meanwhile, it proves that those accounts banned for bug abuse or macro use will never be unlocked. If you want to continue to play Trove, you can buy cheap Trove flux safe with 2% discount code "u466" on U4GM.

In addition to Trove flux buying, all players should be cautious when purchasing Trove items online. Of course what matters for players is a safe and reliable site to purchase. But you also should know how to avoid flux cheating when making purchases for Trove flux.

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